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Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Czech Republic

Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Czech Republic

In 2015 Ministry of environment publish Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change in the Czech Republic (available only in Czech on Environment ministry website). The Strategy summarize adaptation measures proposed in different sectoral documents and add new ones for the sectors which was not processed.

Adaptation Strategy is counter of new proposed Climate protection policy which is setting frame for mitigation measures in the Czech Republic.

Both documents aiming on complex attitude to climate change issues, to possibilities of active prevention of those changes and for mitigation or elimination negative impacts to living conditions in the Czech Republic.

Adaptation Strategy as a one umbrella documents is important not only for national level of environmental policy. Readiness and early reaction on predictable impact of climate change and prevention of harm is priority part of European Union environmental policy.

The Adaptation Strategy was prepared in cooperation with a number of government departments, academics and civic society representaives. The objective of the Adaptation Strategy is to reduce anticipated climate change impacts, adapt to these impacts, maintain good living conditions and develop economic potential for the future generations.

The Adaptation Strategy includes observed climate change impacts and recommends appropriate adaptation measures including their mutual linkages and linkages to mitigation. Adaptation measures are proposed in the following areas: Water regime in landscape and water management, Agriculture, Forest management, Biodiversity and ecosystem services, Urbanized landscape, Health and hygiene, Crisis situations, protection of the population and environment, Tourism and recreation, Transport, Industry and Energy sector.


The Strategic Environmental Assessment process (SEA) of the Adaptation Strategy has been finished in September 2015 followed by the adoption by the Government in October 2015. The National Action Plan on Adaptation will be developed on the basis of the Adaptation Strategy and outcome of a comprehensive study in 2016.


Additional information on adaptation measures and state of implementation could be found in The Sixth National Communication of the Czech Republic on the UNFCCC and its Kyoto Protocol. Adaptation is also one of the most important topics of the State Environmental Policy (2012 to 2020).