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Climate adapt strategy

Adaptation to Climate Change in the Czech Republic

What is climate change adaptation?

What is climate change adaptation?

Many of the human activities are directly depend on climate condition. But many of them like agriculture, forestry, tourism or fishery are already influenced by climate change. Impacts are visibly also on other public services like a power production or water supply.

Ecosystems and services which provides threat by harmful impacts of climate change. Result is biodiversity decline and low resistance of nature to face extreme weather. Climate change will influence an availability of nature sources like water or soil. That may led to broad changes in condition for agriculture and industry.

Global climate change need reaction in two principal approaches. First is mitigation, mainly shorting production of greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. Second are climate change adaptation measures: pack of natural or technical steps which help to relive todays know impact of climate change.

The best adaptation project should be predictable, not just react on nowadays problems but also on future ones. These projects would help to resilience of Czech landscape themselves.   

Changes in rains patterns, changes of temperature curve during the year or declining snowfalls in the winter are the most visible signs of climate change in the Central Europe. The Czech Republic is also facing extreme weather events like floods more frequently mainly in spring and summer.

Amount of water in Czech rivers is less predictable and we need to be prepare for more frequently heat weaves and droughts episodes. It is very possible that we will experience more and more days with extreme condition in winter season, especially ice or snowstorms.

Adaptation on climate change have to focus on water management at the first place and restoring of robust water sources. That would be capturing system of ponds in countryside or better retention ability of landscape thanks to healthier forests. Agriculture must be prepare for erosion protection, protection against new species of weeds and pests. And also for changing in kind of planted crops.

Climate change adaptation is not only a question for farmers. From critical mass of planet inhabitants are maybe much more important adaptation in cities and towns. People living in city should be threat not only by heat weaves but new kind of illness or poor water quality. For those reason is most cites adaptation measures aimed on greening of the streets and houses.

Those projects focused on revitalization of brown-fields like river banks or neglected areas. Side of small measures like green roofs or community gardens may adaptation projects involve bigger measures: new water surfaces, parks or alley.